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Anyone seeing Paranormal Activity??

So I hate scary movies!!  I get scared so easy and will run up basement steps, etc. lol  However my DH and I watched the first Paranormal Activity when it came out and it scared me but not too bad as ghost dont really bother me.  More the jason, Michael Meyers thing that freaks me out. 

Well Three people from my work are going to see it at 3:00 today and I want to go but a little worried about my blood pressure going up?  hmmm..I cant decide to go or not.  What would you do? 

BY the way: I have normal BP and healthy etc....I think I am just worrying too much.  lol  Im ridiculous.

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Re: Anyone seeing Paranormal Activity??

  • imageSadieTop:
    What would you do?

    I'd skip it.
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  • honestly I'm a huge woose so I'd skip it, I haven't even seen the first one.
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  • I saw it because it is a tradition for my husband and I to go see them when they come out. I am a complete wuss every year and cover my eyes the whole time! It was fun! :
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  • Meh, it's a movie. I've seen the first 3, and can solidly say that they have one good scare, then get outrageously stupid about 20 minutes from the end. If you want to see it and will enjoy it, go.

    Besiiiides, don't you want to know what happened to Hunter? *lightning strikes*

    And, if you get to feeling too stressed, leave and chomp some popcorn in the lobby for a while. No biggie. That's why exits were made.

    It's a girl!
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  • I'm hopefully going this weekend.

    I've seen all the others but usually at home so I'll take anything for a date night!


  • I want to say that I'd go, but I'm the biggest chicken ever, so prolly not. Not out of any fear for my health, but cuz I hate being scared!!

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