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AW 1 year so far!!

I've been dreaming of the day I post this... LO and I made it to 1 yr of BFing! It wasn't always easy, but we did it! We hit a rough patch around 5 mo where we supplemented a few oz a day, but other than that, we've been pretty lucky.

If I could give any advice to someone just starting or having a rough time, just remember: right now is not forever. The first couple weeks felt like a hazing and I couldn't imagine how ppl did this for a year or longer, lol. But things change. Your LO will go through phases and growth spurts like any other aspect of their development. Once we got to 6 mo we were both able to enjoy BFing together. It's gotten progressively easier since then. Now my LO signs "milk," nurses on the first side for 5 min, pops off and pats me dry with the burp cloth, then signs "more" and nurses for another 510 min on the second side. When he's done, he will sign or say "done!" and slide off the couch on his own. What a difference from a year ago!

My other advice is to get SUPPORT! The support we got from a local BF group was absolutely vital to our success. I read books and took a class, but the most helpful thing was attending our weekly support group. I learned a lot from the LCs and made some great connections with other mommas.

GL to all of you on your BFing journeys!
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Re: AW 1 year so far!!

  • Congrats! 8 months and going strong here!
  • Congratulations, and Happy Birthday to your LO!
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  • Congratulations!!!

    We had a rough beginning - LO was early and sleepy, and we were pressured to supplement with formula. We did some supplementing for about a week, but with the help of a fantastic LC, we learned how to help LO latch and keep him awake (SO HARD)! Now he's a super-nurser and loves the boob!

    It is so rewarding to know you're giving LO the best, even when we have to struggle through rough patches. Good for you! 

  • PS - our LO's share a birthday! :)
  • Congrats!
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  • Isn't it amazing how the bf-ing relationship changes and grows? So excited for you. Congrats!
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  • Super congrats! 
  • Congratulations!  That is so cute, how your LO communicates with you while BFing. 
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  • Congratulations!! Sounds like you and your LO have had a great journey to get to one year!
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  • We just made it to a year as well and I'm so proud!
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  • Looks like all 3 of our LO's share birthdays... too funny!
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  • How cute, what a helpful little nursling! Congrats!
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