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BM freezing trays?

I like the idea of the BM freezing trays but am curious how sanitary they would be. I'm not concerned with myself as much but others preparing bottles her.  Any experience with these? 
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Re: BM freezing trays?

  • I use them and love it. I just put a few frozen sticks in each bottle and pack it for daycare the night before. That way it's thawed by morning and nobody has to touch the frozen sticks but me.
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    I've never heard of BM freezer trays so I googled them and they look neat! Are they all in 1 oz portions? Will you explain your process for storing? As in, how many sets of trays do you have and then do you move the frozen sticks into ziplock bags for longer term storage?

    I started pumping two wks ago and am just using BM storage bags but have been worried about waste when reheating. These trays may be the solution! Thanks!
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  • I have two trays I try to fill them at the same time. So I may just freeze milk twice a week. My LO doesn't drink as much as I pump so I usually freeze milk on Tuesdays and Fridays then pop them into a gallon ziplock labeled with the date of the first frozen milk and the last milk added when its full. Usually that's about two weeks worth. Then on Mondays I send milk from the oldest of my freezer stash so I can rotate the older stuff before its bad. I've heard milk is usually good for three to six months in the freezer. I'm new to all of this but so far that's what works for us.
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