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frlcb - re novasure

Hey :)  I hope this isn't tmi lol

Novasure is an endometrial's basically removing the lining of the uterus.  

Since my last pregnancy my cramping is ridiculous.  i cramp probably 20+ out of 30 days a month.. Some days to the point of almost tears.  I bleed more than 10 days each month and my periods are coming more often than 28 days - which is completely abnormal for me.  I have heavy bleeding for several days... 

About a year ago, one of the np's at my practice talked abotu me going on bc to help with all of that.  I'm not really for that, so I didn't.  I had an ultrasound to find out I'm PCOS and have lots of adhesions/scar tissues from both c/s that is causing most of the pain.  So I'm also having a procedure to clean that up.  

 None of it sounds fun, but I need relief!  I'm praying this will do it for me :)

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