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Extreme pain now

I have been exclusively pumping since the 1 month mark because of some issues (DD is 3 months now) and the nursing hurt at first, then got better the further along I got. When I started pumping it didnt really bother me. Now I am 3 months in and this past week I have been in so much pain when I pump. My nipples hurt so so bad during and after I pump. And then I get very sharp but short pains in either breast just randomly thoughout the day. I have tried everything I tried at first like the lanolin and gel cooling pads, I can't seem to make it better and I just want to give up!



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Re: Extreme pain now

  • Those symptoms could be caused by thrush or vasospasms. Are your nipples white after you pump? The site kellymom.com has info about both issues. Reading up on vasospasms and thrush might help you figure out which problem you have.

    There are home remedies for thrush, or your dr can prescribe Nystatin for your nipples. There's a med you can take for vasospasms/Raynaud's.
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