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Roast Pork Recipes?

I'm trying to cook more things that aren't "boxed" so that Hayley can try some of our foods. We eat a lot of hamburger helper and stuff that she really shouldn't have (IMO anyway).

So this week, I bought a Pork Roast thingy (O dear - can you tell how UN domestic I really am by that?) and I need some ideas on what to do with it. I bought potatoes and carrots and I thought maybe I'd just treat it like a Pot Roast? Or is there better ideas out there? Thanks for any ideas in advance! 

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Re: Roast Pork Recipes?

  • Is it a Rump Roast, or something along those lines?  What I would do is stick the roast, potatoes (cut into 1/4 with the skin on), carrots(if you bought whole carrots, just cut them in half, and you can leave the peel on them too)...maybe some celery and onions for the crock pot, along with a pack of onion soup mix and 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup, with 2 cans of water.  Put it in the crock pot in the morning and cook on high, maybe 'til noonish, then put on low for the rest of the day.  Sometimes I even cook the "meat" on low all night, take it out and then put veggies in the next day if there's not enough room.

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  • If you bought a pork loin, it's long and tubular (that's what she said). If you bought a pork shoulder, it would be a big hunk o' meat. 

    For pork loin, I usually cover it in an herb paste (herbs mixed with chopped/smashed garlic and olive oil to make a paste) then roast it. I would use something like this as the base for my tinkering:

     For pork shoulder,  I eith slow-cooker it with vinegar and a bbq rub, then shred and add bbq sauce (lazy pulled pork) or I do this:

    the pernil is 10 times better than the pulled pork.  

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  • I would stick it all in a crockpot!

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  • I can't figure how to copy and paste on my phone, but if you go to, and search pork, apple, slow cooker, you should be able to find a recipe from Emeril for the crockpot. It calls for turnips and stuff, but we just use potatoes and carrots. It's delicious! Lucia loved it!
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  • You can buy those Reynolds oven bags. They have a turkey size one and a smaller one, obviously get the smaller one. You season your roast to your liking. I use garlic, rosemary, garlic powder, sage, garlic salt and pepper, tarragon and a hint of cumin. Throw cut up red potatoes in the oven bag with a half a stick of butter (sounds like it's a lot, but it's really good) and throw some carrots in there if you wish. Follow the instructions on the box for the bags and BAM... you have a tasty juicy pork dinner! ( Apples are really good with pork if you wanted to change out the tators for apples)


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