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Oversupply ?

I keep seeing posts about how oversupply is a big problem.  Other than engorgement/discomfort and possible fore/hind milk imbalance, what are the problems?  Is there a problem for baby?  I definitely have a serious oversupply which sometimes sucks for me, but we've stayed ahead of the fore/hind milk issue for baby typically.  Oversupply for me looks like this:  32 ounces pumped in my 9 hours at work today.  I also either pump before bed or before work and feed baby at home typically 3-5 times depending on how much he wakes up over night.  Last time I worked overnight (24 hour shift), I got 68 ounces.  
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Re: Oversupply ?

  • I don't pump except for special occasions (I'm a SAHM), so it was causing a fore/hind milk imbalance in LO. Also, it can cause clogged ducts and lead to mastitis, though I never had this issue, thankfully.

  • I don't know if oversupply is leading to my forceful letdown but it sucks to see my baby drowning in harsh spraying streams of milk!
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  • I have an forceful let down along with the oversupply so DS is choking and gagging on milk spraying in his mouth. We've also got an imbalance in foremilk/hindmilk. I'm a SAHM so trying not to pump though I'm sometimes pumping to try to get a little of the foremilk off and to decrease the spray a bit. 
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    I don't know if oversupply is leading to my forceful letdown but it sucks to see my baby drowning in harsh spraying streams of milk!

    Mostly this! I haven't had any significant "problems" associated with my oversupply, but LO is routinely drenched because he pulls off quickly during my let down to avoid how forceful it is, and sometimes coughs. When he pulls off, everything (he and I) gets soaked!

    Also no fun leaking all the time, and spraying fountains at the mere thought of nursing! :P 

  • Agree with PP about forceful letdown, but the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance was the worst part - my DS was uncomfortably gassy and nothing helped until we fixed the oversupply.
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