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Hygeia EnJoye?

Has anyone ever heard of or used this pump? MH finally called our insurance to find out about pump coverage and they said this is the only pump we can get covered. The lady told MH that its comperable to a madela pump? Any input or experience with this pump would be great. Smile

Re: Hygeia EnJoye?

  • I'm pumping with mine right now! I've been very pleased with it. I've never had an issue with getting milk in the tubing. It also has a closed system so you can sell it or give it to someone when you are done. They just need to get their own accessory kit.
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  • I really like my EnJoye. I chose it because it's a closed system pump. I got the battery-powered one (LBI) and am really glad I spent the extra money on it because I can pump while I'm out and about, or when I need to multitask at home (rushing out the door or when my daughter decides she needs to eat again RIGHT NOW). The Play button that plays back her cry for letdown cracks my husband up :) but it works. Also, I rented the Medela Symphony for a month and get just as much milk or more with the EnJoye.

    @theresat858: which Medela parts do you use? Do you just connect the tubing to an entirely Medela set, because the breastshields I've tried don't fit the flanges that come with the EnJoye.

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  • Good to know thanks ladies. I'll be SAH so I was planning on just getting a small hand pump for the occasional time I need to be away, but since my insurance will cover this pump I figured I'd get it instead if it was any good.
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