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Whoa that was scary

I am at work And walked down the stairs, there are only like 3 or 4. I got suddenly dizzy out of no where. I just started leaning/falling to the left and into the wall. Good thing there weren't many stairs or I would have fell down the rest. I just leaned against the wall and eventually everything wasn't so wobbly. Good thing there were no kids or anyone standing around as I work in a school. I do have a bad cold so maybe that has somethig to do with it?? Anyone else have that happen? I had like no warning just boom and I was going down.
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Re: Whoa that was scary

  • I hope you feel better? Are you going home? I feel dizzy frequently and sometimes it's our bodies saying we need to drink that h20, so I just start chugging. Feel Better!
  • I had to suspend a transaction at the grocery store when that happened. So embarrassing!! I had to go sit down while my DD screamed for cookies. I'm pretty sure everyone thought I was on drugs. Upping my protein and drinking more water really helped.

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