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A/S and Transvaginal US in same appointment

We have our A/S on Thursday and will also be having a transvaginal u/s at the same time (to measure cervical length (compared to cervical length at earlier ultrasound) due to previous LEEP procedure). Has anyone had this done? Do they let you empty your bladder before the trans u/s? I just remember at my last one feeling like I had to pee because of the internal pressure of the wand and don't actually want to pee on the tech :)

Re: A/S and Transvaginal US in same appointment

  • Did they tell you to have a full bladder for the a/s?  Most techs/docs dont need it.
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  • When I had my first U/S (Trans vag), they actually asked me if I needed to use the ladies room before we went in.  not sure if that holds true for later scans but at least for my 8 week one, they wanted things empty.
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  • Doc told me full bladder for the A/S (I think she said to push up the uterus to get the best images and measurements possible, but at that point I was half listening because I needed to use the bathroom once again-bad patient moment). But, the last time I had a trans u/s they had me empty beforehand. Was just seeing if anyone had gone through this and if they allowed a bathroom break in the middle.
  • At my a/s with my first pregnancy, I had to have a full bladder. I think they let me empty it and then they did the transvaginal u/s to check cervix length, but I don't remember. I have my a/s on Thursday and I have to have a full bladder again. I don't have any cervix issues so I guess this is standard for my practice.

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  • I've used the restroom before every single ultrasound I've ever had. 
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  • imagestilts1:
    I've used the restroom before every single ultrasound I've ever had. 

    this.  The tech said she will never need a full bladder for an u/s

  • Idk. I have to have a full bladder for mine on fri.

  • For the a/s, they asked me to drink water.  Then to do the transvaginal u/s, they wanted me to empty my bladder first.  They said it was easier to get the measurements they needed for that type of u/s with an empty bladder. 
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  • I had my a/s and transvag the same day. No need to have full bladder for a/s and had me empty my bladder right before the transvag.

  • I think it all depends on the age of the equipment that the practice you go to has. I asked this question when I first started going to the dr bc I really had to pee. The receptionist told me that I would never need to hold my bladder before an exam. I would ask your dr.
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  • I just had this done last Friday and no I didn't have to have a full bladder.
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  • I have had six (yes six) transvaginal US.... last friday I had both... have never needed a full bladder... luckily I have never had an "incident" either..  Good Luck!
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    I just had this combo on Monday.  I specifically asked about needing a full bladder and she said it wasn't necessary for the a/s.  It's only really helpful for the first trimester screen when the uterus is still really low.  I peed before the u/s then.  During the scan they determined they also wanted to do a transvag.  The tech asked me before she did it if I needed to pee again.  Good luck!
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  • I have weekly ultrasounds and have needed a transvaginal one as well at two of my appointments.  One tech asked me if I wanted to empty my bladder between, the other did not.  You could always ask if you feel like you need to go between ultrasounds.

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