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Cytotec update (warning- details included)

I wanted to give an update as I didn't find many on here but I did find a lot of detailed stories online that helped my husband and I prepare so if you don't want details pls stop reading. We were 11.2 weeks and found out the baby stopped growing at 8.5 weeks. 

The hardest part was taking the pills Friday night. You feel like you are choosing to do this but in reality it's already been done.  We chose this route to have the privacy of dealing with such a difficult situation in our own home and the fear of surgery/being out under.  I was also given Tylenol 3 which was much needed. I went to bed and woke up at 1 am with terrible waves of cramps that didn't let up for about an hour or so. I took more Tylenol and used a heating pad that seemed to help. I then passed out til 8 am when it started. I slept with a towel under me just incase. I passed alot that morning And it then slowed up a few hours later. There was no pain or cramping. I spent most of Saturday in bed as the Tylenol also makes you tired. I took the second dose Saturday night and woke myself every hour to check on everything and there wasn't any pain or spotting. Sunday was a light day as well. I've read it can several days or a week to pass everything. I think I've still got a long way to go and hope its all gone when I go back in two weeks. 

Be careful with the Tylenol or any pain pills - I missed the side effect of constipation that was the worst I've ever had adding I insult to injury.  

 I hope this helps you if you're faced with this decision so you can decide what's best for you  and your family. My only take away that makes me feel at peace is that I know we can get pregnant and keep the pregnancy.  I will be going back to acupuncture to help get my body back to normal ASAP. 

Re: Cytotec update (warning- details included)

  • I had a d&c, but I think your story will definitely be helpful for others who are going through this.

    HUGS to you. 

    First-time mom, 35+, parenting after a loss (mmc Oct. 2012 @ 8 wks), ttc for a year after loss

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  • I am sure this will be helpful to people who have to go through this! I am so sorry and I hope you are feeling better soon!

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  • Jenny, I'm so sorry you are going through this, it's just terrible.

    I have done the Cytotec twice, and I found out today no heartbeat so I'm going to do it again Thursday after work.  I completely agree that the hardest part is taking the pills, to imagine what these pills are supposed to be used for, to actually kill an embryo.  I even feel embarrassed filling the perscription, wondering what they are thinking about me. 

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I tried the cytotec first with my first mc. I cried so much just reading the bottle because it literally said abortion. I didn't want to use it. I was so devastated. Cytotec didn't work for me, I passed a few huge clots, but ended up having to have a d&c because they were worried about it turning molar. It was an insane experience. 

    I was terrified to have a d&c, but it ended up not being as bad as I feared being knocked out for the procedure. This time with my second loss I didn't want to go through the waiting at home trying to miscarry naturally or with cytotec just because I didn't want to prolong the process. I just felt like for me it would be more torture to what I'm already dealing with. I wanted to begin healing as soon as possible.  

     I hope the cytotec works for you and you don't have to do the d&c too on top of it . It's a lot to deal with when you already have so much going on in your mind with grieving. 

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  • Thank you all for your support with this. It wasn't easy to write but I did want to share and if it could help someone else as I've found help and support here and wanted to be able to give back. 

     I am also so sorry for all your losses. It makes no sense why these things happen but it's so wonderful to have found a group like this who understands completely.  

  • Thank you! I filled my prescription this morning and plan to take my pill on Friday and Saturday nights. 
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