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Ideas for Anniversary Gift While Deployed?

Does anyone have any good ideas for anniversary gifts while DH is deployed? This is our second anniversary-and the second one he is deployed for. I like homemade gifts but pretty much anything I can think of is something that he would have no where to display or even keep safe while hes out. Id like to do something more than just a card and a CD.

Thanks in advance for your ideas! 

Re: Ideas for Anniversary Gift While Deployed?

  • Could you make him a blanket?  If you don't sew, there are plenty of how-to's online to show you how to make a no sew fleece blanket.  It's something he can use and it will be a little piece of home and you.  
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  • Good idea but I just did that for his birthday. Hes been gone all holidays since weve been married so Im just fresh out of ideas for meaningful gifts to send!
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  • hmmm...

    New sheets and a pillow case with the words to your song.

    Do you have kids?  You could put their hand prints on a pillow case.  

    A photo book

    I sent my H a digital photo key chain for one anniversary.  It held 30 pics and was small enough for him to keep just about any where.

    An iPod full of songs.

    A Kindle pre loaded with books or movies.  

    I always try to keep things simple when he's away.  It makes it easier to store and bring home.  I don't like to send anything that will be heart breaking if it gets messed up or lost.   


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  • Boudior pics? I did that for DH's birthday while he was deployed. I made sure none were fully nude or anything crazy and wrapped them inside other stuff in his birthday box.


    CJ 05/29/2013

  • I sent DH a scrapbook filled with our courtship and marriage story last year when he missed ours. He loved it. It took some time to get done,but it was worth it. 
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    I got reservations at a nice hotel and a overnight babysitter for a few months after he was due to come home.  It was lovely, and gave us something else to look forward to.
  • I took some photos of me in the lingerie i wore on our wedding night, nothing pornographic or anything more risque than you could find in a cosmo magazine, but then i signed it with a calligraphy pen and kissed it with lipstick. He posted it on his rack, and he said he enjoyed it very much.
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