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after d&c question

I don't remember feeling this way with my first d&c, but I was wondering if anyone else felt like they were having contractions for a few days afterward? I've felt like I've been having them for the past 2 days straight. From my lower abdomen all the way up into my neck. It's not painful, but it takes my breath away. It's just a bunch of pressure and it is so uncomfortable. Almost feels constant. I know your uterus contracts down afterward so it can go back to normal or whatever. But this feeling is crazy and awful . =S
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Re: after d&c question

  • I have the same issue. I never had contractions with DS bc of having a c section, but what I've been experiencing, I can only imagine it feels like contractions. Soooo painful. It stops me in my tracks. 

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  • I had intense contractions after my D&C but mine were really painful. I ended up in the ER with 2 doses of morphine. They were concerned I might have retained tissue or infection, but all was clear. I did have some really large clots and once they passed, everything eased up. My doctor told me it's not common to have these symptoms, but still normal. Sorry you're dealing with it. It sucks to not only have the loss and the D&C, but to also not be able to feel better and move on. I hope you feel better soon.
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  • Thankfully I have an appointment to see my real doctor first thing in the morning. It's just weird because when I gave birth to my son this is exactly how the contractions felt only they would come and go. This is staying a constant feeling. It's so weird. 
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  • Sorry for your loss.

    I do remember feeling intense cramping after my D&C. I was told it was normal and was given very strong tylenol for the pain. 

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  • I haven't had intense contractions, but I feel random fluttering and slight cramping.

    I am glad you get to see your doctor. Hope everything checks out ok.

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