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Xbox or Wii for preschoolers?

We were thinking about buying 1 for the family for the holidays. Are 4 year olds too young for these games? Are the individual games very pricey? Which system would u recommend? Thanks from someone who last played video games on my Atari (Qbert anyone?)

Re: Xbox or Wii for preschoolers?

  • We have a Kinnect for our Xbox.  Our son has played it since he was a little over three and loves it (he's never played just the Xbox).  We have Fruit Ninja and Happy Action Theater which now that he is almost four, he can pretty much run on his own (I just have to get it initially started).  He works up a sweat and burns off a ton of energy playing.  My 13 month old loves to swat his arms around, too, and watch the action on the screen.
  • I think the two have good and bad qualities for preschoolers that I've noticed. 

    Kinect is really great b/c they can do things all on their own and the kinect registers even little kids.  The wii does not register smaller kids for things like the balance board, they aren't heavy enough.  So that knocks out some of the sport games that require the wii board. 

    The Kinect hand motions can sometimes be challenging for DD, as well as moving around for some of the games.  The Disney game on Kinect is fun but she has a hard time controlling her movements, like walking forward and turning.  She ends up running in circles a lot. 

    DD is left handed and a lot of wii games are right handed, such as Just Dance.  So she usually puts the controller down while she dances and picks it up to choose the next song. 

    I really love our Wii more than our Kinect, however, I feel like the Kinect will stay relevant longer than the wii, especially with the new one coming out this year.  Just based on controls alone, I would say Kinect is probably more kid friendly.  Plus it's always fun to forget it takes pictures of you playing the game and plays them back after your turn.  You get caught in some pretty hilarious poses sometimes.  Just an added fun factor.   


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