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4 weeks and couldnt see anything on ultrasound!

I am a nervous wreck!!!!! I went in to the obgyn today to have my first appointment and ultrasound to find a due date. It was confirmed I am indeed pregnant according to urine test. But we couldnt see anything ont he ultrasound yet has this happened to anyone else? non of the nurses or doctors seemed concerned. but I am!!! i had my Hcg levels taken and have to go back wed to have them done again. Has anyone else had this happen. I am scared out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: 4 weeks and couldnt see anything on ultrasound!

  • i my name is heather and i also live in Tennessee. 4 weeks is really early to see anything on the ultrasound, im amazed that they even did one that early. Usually you cant see anything on the ultrasound at 4 weeks. At 5 weeks you usually are only able to see the yolk sac and fetal pole. 6 weeks is the best time to see baby and heartbeat. Don't worry about a thing. Its still real early to be nervous. Are you having any symptoms yet?
  • not really i have a little bit of morning sickness not much and i missed my period i have low slight cramping ( nothing serious) but thats about it other than I am always tired.  It just made me nervous we couldnt see baby yet. or anything they did confirm my pregnancy but thats the only good that came from that app the rest had me a nervous wreck.
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  • thats a really good thing that you have the nausea, cramping, and being tired. those are really good signs. its completly normal to be nervous. I am 11 weeks i'm still nervous something is going to happen, i miscarriaged at 8 weeks in march. so don't worry, dont stress too much :)
  • We couldn't see anything at 5 and 6 weeks. Just a sac getting bigger. At 4 weeks I'm sure there wouldn't have been anything to show. My doc said there was no need to worry it was just to early to see anything. I also had my Hcg levels drawn to make sure they where doubling. They where and I'm now 16 weeks tomorrow. Good luck. I think everything is okay. It's just early!
  • Why did they do an ultrasound that early? The only thing they should be using is a fetal heart doppler. There is no reason to use ultrasound unless you want to find out the sex of your child or think there may be a genetic abnormality. And a child's genetalia aren't apparent until after six gestational weeks. Take it easy on the use of ultrasound, it is a form of radiation and its effects are not fully known.
  • i'm surprised they even bothered to do a u/s on you. i was around 4 weeks pregnant when i went to my OB for a pregnancy confirmation. they told me they wouldn't even bother to do a u/s until around 8 weeks or so because the baby is literally the size of a dot at 4 weeks. they told me they wouldn't be able to see anything on the screen. don't worry, i'm sure everything's fine. you'll probably get another u/s when you're farther along.
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  • Like PPs said, I can't believe they even did u/s that early. I was 6weeks at my first appointment & the OB couldn't get a heartbeat on the doppler. She said this was even normal. When you take into account just how tiny they are, it's no surprise. I'm sure everything is fine. Best of luck.

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  • I went on Wednesday 10/24/12 and they doctor could only see the sack. They said I was only 6 weeks and 1 day. I was a little nervous about that. They did blood work and the doctor said that my progesterone was a little low. I don't know if that effects them not to be able to see the heartbeat or the fetal pole. I go back on 10/31/12 for another u/s. I hope we get to see our little blob this time!!!
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