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2nd Pregnancy: When will you need maternity clothes?

This is my 2nd pregnancy & I was about 17 wks last time when I started wearning a belly band.  Wondering if anyone has any idea how much sooner I will need maternity clothes this time around (all my last time stuff is winter and I may need some summer type stuff for Aug/Sept if I am showing much earlier this time...)

Re: 2nd Pregnancy: When will you need maternity clothes?

  • I am in my second as well, 8w 4d.  With #1 I did not start showing until well into my 2nd trimester, but this time, I am already starting to use the belly band!  I weighed 100lbs before the pregnancy but have already gained 4 lbs.  I know for myself, I will be getting into those maternity clothes a lot sooner this time around!
  • Yes this pregnancy is totally different. The last time i lost a lot of weight because of how bad my morning sickness was. I get ms this time but not as bad. I am 8 wks as of thursday and my jeans already dont fit.
  • This is my second pregnancy as well.  I didn't need maternity clothes the first time until 17 weeks.  This time around my pants already don't fit, I was thinking of digging out my maternity dress pants for work already (I had used the maternity pants that were adjustable with elastic in the waist but still button through out my whole pregnancy last time- which makes it more convienant for right now since they look like regular pants)  I couldn't believe I already needed them...glad I am not the only one!
  • With my first pregnancy I moved into maternity clothes at 13 weeks, just to be more comfortable. I am 8 weeks now with my 2nd, and sadly, I have had to pull out some of my preg. Khakis and baby-doll style tops because my tummy is already popping a little and my boobs don't fit in my regular shirts! If I feel like anything is cutting my waste, I am not comfortable. I've switched to sundresses too, with the baby-doll style tops, way way more comfortable!
  • I had to break out the maternity pants around 6wks. My regular stuff wasn't comfortable anymore. Lucky for me though I'm due around the same time so I don't have to buy anything new.

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