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I had my d&c  in May and I figured I would be in a better place emotionally by now but as my EDD gets closer I find myself becoming more & more depressed. It is so hard to move on. I have lots of good days but then I also have lots of days where all I can do is cry. I have an appointment with a psychiatrist on Friday to see if meds will help me get past this depression and then I also plan on finding a therapist to talk to. Everyone keeps reminding me that its not my fault and that so many women miscarry but I just feel so inadequate. I dont understand why my body failed to keep my baby safe.

Has anyone else sought professional help after going through a miscarriage? I really hope it helps and I am able to start feeling like myself again!

BFP 3.28.12
missed m/c @ 9w5d, baby measured 8w1d, no h/b
D&C 5.23.12

Re: depression

  • Yes, I had my miscarriage in September and looked into therapy right away. I've been glad I did ever since. She has given me helpful advice. I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope that you're able to find someone to talk to.
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  • I am only a few days past my DnC, and my emotions are going in waves right now. I will definitely see a counselor if the depression persists, though.

    I think you will find that talking to a third party is helpful. It will give you a place to really talk about it and be honest and not clam up to spare others' feelings. It can be just about you.


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  • I had my m/c 2 weeks ago, and will be seeing my counselor on Wednesday.

    I have regularly scheduled appointments with her, and this is one of them. I may go see her more frequently in the short term if it seems helpful.

    I think it can be a huge asset to have someone to accompany you through any grief, depression or anxiety around your m/c. I hope it's a helpful process for you!
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  • I had been seeing a counselor before this and I plan on talking about my m/c at my next appointment because this has been a lot to deal with. I would recommend going because it will make you feel better to just say what you are feeling. They will also give you tools to use that will help you through this difficult time.

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  • I had my m/c is September and am currently seeing a therapist. It has been helpful.

    I'm sorry for your loss that you are feeling depressed. I hope you can find the help you need soon. 

    Started TTC July 2012. Missed m/c & d&c 9/12 11w. Natural m/c 1/13 6w. Chemical pgs 3/13 & 8/13 around 4w. Currently TTA while saving for adoption.

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