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Induced in 5 days

I'm staring at the finish line.  My 39 week induction is on Thursday.  I'm hoping the gel will be enough to start things going and I can avoid Pitocin.  I'm most happy because I was originally scheduled for a c-section due to the results of my 32 week ultrasound, but my 38 week ultrasound showed baby not being as big as feared. 

Anyone have any advice for how to prepare for being induced?

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Re: Induced in 5 days

  • Be ready for anything, educate yourself on interventions you doctor may suggest so you know if you want them, what the risks/benefits are, etc., and know that it could go quickly or it could take days. My first induction was started at 38w6d and I delivered at 39w2d. We passed the time playing cards until the contractions were too much, then watching TV shows on DVD. My second was a little faster, induced at 38w6d and delivered at 39w, but we still watched some TV in the early stages of labor when things are still boring :)
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  • Gavity is your friend, if you stand or squat instead of laying down the baby should move down easier! Good luck.
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