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Illinois Masonic in LP or Northwestern?

Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on the better hospital to deliver in? We live in the city, but don't want to mess with going downtown...but also had not heard anything about Illinois Masonic Hospital in Lincoln Park whereas Northwestern is obviously very reputable. Thanks!

Re: Illinois Masonic in LP or Northwestern?

  • My friend delivered at IL Masonic last year.  We went to visit her and it was just OK.  Then I delivered at Northwestern and it makes IL Masonic look like a dump.  NW's Prentice is so modern, clean, and comfortable.  The food is great, the nurses are angels.  It's close to lots of bus lines and the red line and they validate parking for 1/2 price.
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  • I delivered my son at Northwestern in 2004. I then recommended it to my cousin who delivered her daughter there in 2005 and loved it so much she requested another day. My sister in law delivered there in August after they were done with the new Prentice. I have heard a lot of stories about other hospitals and none of them compared to the Prentice experience. I didn't even have a doctor at Northwestern when I went in and they treated me like a queen. It was so easy and so nice. I found out I was pregnant two days ago and I have already made my appointment with Northwestern and the same doctor who delivered my son 4 years ago. Excellent place.
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