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experience with Childcare Network (Durham)?

Hi! Our plans for an in home day care for our son starting in January just fell through and we are searching for another option.  My husband wants to use the Childcare Network because it is close to our house (we live in South Durham).  I don't know anybody who has put their kids their, do any of you have experience with that place?  Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Re: experience with Childcare Network (Durham)?

  • I work for Childcare network in Georgia and they are awesome! I can provide you with a free registration and 100 off your 4th week of enrollment if you are interested.
  • That would be great, thanks!  rachaelovesean at gmail.com
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  • Definitely stop by and make sure you are comfortable with it. I know that for SW Durham, it is pretty affordable but I've heard a lot of negative feedback about that place. We once considered putting DS there as an infant but we didn't go through with it and am glad we didn't after all the feedback I received. Good luck on your search!

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