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Ergo vs. Beco vs. Boba

I recently just bought the Boba but I am not sure how I feel about it yet. Its really comfortable for me, but I cant tell if it is for my daughter- It seems like her legs get so squished in there. Also, the buckles seem alittle difficult to open and close, and I cant easily adjust the straps.  Also, the snaps that they have for the newborn adjustment always unsnap (once the carrier is on and my daughter is in, it doesnt really seem to make a difference though). So I am thinking of maybe returning it. So my question is- which carrier do you like/dislike and why (between the Ergo, Beco, and Boba). 


Re: Ergo vs. Beco vs. Boba

  • I have the beco Gemini and I LOVE it. I've used it since my daughter has been 2 weeks old. I love it because it's super easy to get on and off by myself, it's comfortable for me and baby, and they offer the cutest prints.  I also have the bobs wrap and love it but use that for more in the house and the carrier for outside.
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  • I do not have experience with the newborn setting, since I got my Boba when my son was 5 months old (and he's very tall for his age, too).  I can tell you that we've loved it from the start.  He still uses it, and I even put my 4 year old nephew in it to try it out and it's even comfortable with him!

    We used the Moby prior to getting the Boba, and in my opinion, I really think it might be a better option to get a wrap or sling for the newborn stage and use the Boba a little later.  Although I haven't tried it with a newborn, I don't imagine it's the most comfortable option, even though it's fine to use.

    Do you have the 3g?  I guess they made a lot of improvements with the 3g over other models.  Once they are sitting in it regularly, their legs are very comfortably positioned, and it creates almost a chair for them.  The only dangle they have is at the knee.  I'm not sure if you happen to have any friends with older babies, but if so, maybe you could ask if you could try holding them in your Boba to see how it feels carrying an older baby.  I never have to adjust mine, unless someone else happened to use it.  I just put him in and click the back straps together.  It takes only seconds.  The Moby is more time consuming, but it is very comfortable for young babies.  My son used to sleep and even nurse in his.  Hope this helped! 

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  • The boba isn't the best for newborns - to be honest, I don't care for any carrier that a newborn has to be legs in in (which is true for most buckles because they aren't big enough to straddle the structured waist.  Between those three, the Beco Butterfly and Gemini are the most newborn friendly - the butterfly because the harness which makes for easier positioning and the gemini because it has such a small body.  The gemini also allows you to cross the straps behind you which the others do not.  

    As the pp said, the Boba is better for older kids (and since it's taller it will be more comfortable longer).  There are other buckle carriers to consider as well - I have some listed in my siggy links.  The best thing to do is see if there's a babywearing group in your area so you can try on some different types and find what is most comfortable for you! 

  • Beco Butterfly, love it. I've used it for two kids now, and would never go back to the Ergo (which is what we used for DS1's first six months).

    I would just order a new one and try it out before returning the Boba. Or see if there's a babywearing store in your area.

    DS1 - Feb 2008

    DS2 - Oct 2010 (my VBAC baby!)

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