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Cute lunch check-in

My computer is going in for repairs (for a week! gasp!) so I'm posting this now. Hopefully you'll get a few Halloween lunch ideas - my DD is really loving these.

Hello Kitty in costume. No, my DD didn't eat the black nori. Yes, it was still worth it for the cute factor! The sprinkle details are all glued on with peanut butter. There's also snap peas, tomatoes, a recycled candy container filled with blueberries, plus a sidecar of carrots.

Apple-lantern. I recently bought an apple-shaped mini pie maker, which works great as a sandwich sealer. I microwaved the bread for a few seconds before sealing the sandwich. Beneath the sandwich is a piece of food paper, to keep away the moisture from snap peas. There's also grapes, carrots, a baby apple, cinnamon pita crisps and a box of "apple seed" raisins.

Ghost! DD requested this one. A ham-with-cheese-on-top sandwich is on top of a layer of snap peas. There's not much texture variety in the fruit - tomatoes, grapes and blueberries - plus cucumbers, a carrot "flower" and a piece of dried mango. Little pieces of silicone keep the wet cucumbers from the sandwich - a muffin cup would have worked well too.

Bear mummy - kind of lame. Cupcake toppers make the bear with pieces of string cheese for his wrapping. In that layer is also dried cranberries, Goldfish and a nonpareil chocolate. In the top tier are snap peas, tomatoes and blueberries.

Campfire! Sadly, we were out of marshmallows so that is just a little chunk of cheese on a toothpick. There's also a box of "scary story" raisins, a sandwich with pretzel/mango fire, plus a tomato at the end. In the top tier are cucumbers, blueberries, a plum and pieces of snap peas and carrot to fill in the holes. DD absolutely loved this, even though she doesn't like the two-tier boxes.

Have a great week and make some spooky lunches!

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