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Let her wet or the bed or back to pullups?

We recently switched from pullups at night to cloth training pants. Night one she was dry, next two wet. A lot. In the last month the pullup was dry maybe twice a week. DD#1 was dry all night from about 3.5. DS since 2, when he potty trained. I don't mind cleaning and she hasn't seemed upset, but I don't want her to get discouraged. I don't like using disposable anything, but I do think I should give her the pull ups back until she's dry more consistently. DH thinks that she'll get tired of waking wet and we should leave her in them. She's 3 yrs 3 months- I'm not worried in any way. But am torn- I started the path of the trainers. Stay true and suck it up (laundry), back to pull ups, or give her the choice?
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Re: Let her wet or the bed or back to pullups?

  • Back to pullups. IMHO, twice a week isn't nearly enough dryness to even attempt it, but we waited until DS was dry for 15 days straight. He still had trouble, and he was over 4.
  • Back to pull ups. Explain to her. Also try limiting liquids at night. We cut down a lot on our DD evening liquids and always did a trip to the potty right before bed.

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  • Pull-Ups. I'm still doing Pull-Ups at night b/c DD is still wet in the am a lot of days. 
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  • I'd go back to pullups in your case....my girls are in underwear during the day and cloth diapers at nite...only one of them wakes up dry a couple times a week...the rest of the time they wake up wet, really wet...we tried undies a couple months ago and there was so much laundry and nite waking...I figure in another month or so we will try again...but I am not really going to push things til 4...
  • Thanks all, we just picked more up.  They were all in cloth diapers and DD#1 and DS went straight to Imse Vimse trainers at night and neither ever wet enough to go through them- they are awesome trainers!  But DD#2 sleeps HARD and pees alot.  I think, like pp said, we'll stick with them until she is more consistent.
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  • yeah - back to pull ups FWIW - DD is almost 4 and still in pull ups. I've run out once or twice and tried to go w/o. She's OK for 1-2 nights, but she always goes back to wetting. Pull ups are just easier. My niece was in them until she was almost 6.
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  • I'd go back to pull-ups. My DD1 is 4.5 and just started staying dry at night. She's been PT'd since three. 

    We had her in pull-ups and she brought up wanting to wear underwear at night. We've tried it before and she simply doesn't wake up when she needs to go.  

    So I asked if she wanted me to wake her up before I went to bed so she could go potty. She agreed to this and even though she's a little zombie when I wake her around 10 p.m., she wants to stick with it. She's dry about 95% of the time as long as I take her for that potty break.

    We tried the waking when she was younger, and it disrupted her sleep so badly that she'd cry and scream and it would take an hour or more to settle her back down. But now she's fine and it works.

    I also use either our waterproof Ultimate Crib Sheet or the Goodnight disposable bed covers (we use them for multiple nights) as insurance, so I don't have to strip the bed completely if she has an accident.  


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  • I would go back to pull ups. My one twin has been in panties at night since 3 1/2. She was consistantly staying dry at night and asked to wear panties to bed. So after 2 weeks straight of dry night pullups I gave it a shot and she was fine, has stayed dry every night. The other twin asked to wear panties after they turned 4, but she was still having a wet pullup a couple of nights a week. I was reluctant, but she kept asking so I decided to give it a shot. She did great the first couple of nights and then the 4 nights she had wet panties. The thing is that she didn't even wake up when she was wet, she just slept the whole night soaking wet. That told me she wasn't ready. Her brain-bladder connection hasn't matured enough yet and she is such a deep sleeper that even in a cold wet panties/bed she didn't wake up.

    Her twin did have one accident after the first month because she was running around outside a lot that evening and drank too much water before bed, but when she wet herself she woke up and had me change her sheets and clothes, so I knew she just had too much in her bladder right before bed. I had no problem putting her right back in panties.

    Some kids just take longer to be able to go all night or to get up and go when they need to overnight. Give her a little bit more time.

  • Pull ups. I don't see any benefit in having her wake up wet every night/morning. If we had put DD1 in undies at 3 years, she would have spent the last 3 years waking up wet in the morning. She's 6.5 years, and she's just started waking up to go to the bathroom at night. She did great for a week - no accidents, so we moved to undies underneath her pull up. The last 2 nights she's woken up to pee with her undies just a little wet. (Not even enough to get her pull up wet. She also had a lot to drink with dinner both nights.) I think her bladder finally caught up to her growth. We just need to make sure she goes to the bathroom right before bed.
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  • We use Goodnights for DS1 because even regular pull ups don't hold enough.  Night training is TOTALLY different, I don't agree with your H that she'll just get tired of wetting the bed and stop, I HIGHLY doubt she's doing it on purpose.

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  • imageuconnhuskie007:

    When we potty trained DD, what worked for us was never using pull ups for training pants.  our pedi advices that they send a mixed message.  As in your child has the protection of a diaper and really doesnt NEED to use the potty.

    What we did for night time for a few weeks was put her in bed at her normal time, and then wake her up before my DH went to bed (around 12:30 or 1am) per dr's advice and put her on the potty.  she was pretty much still asleep the whole time.  But, it worked.  We've (knock on wood) never had a single bed wetting incidence, and she was fully trained at 2 1/2 and she's 5 now.  Now, I know different things work for different people, but this worked for us!  At first I thought pedi was crazy suggesting waking her up, but hes great and we trust him so we did it, and it worked.

    All of this.

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  • We recently had to go back to pullups at night, as much as we didn't want to. DD will be 4 in Jan
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  • She is no where ready to night train.  Night training has nothing to do with her getting tired of being wet or you doing anything to train her.  Until her body is ready to stay dry all night or she wakes up to go, she will be wet.  I kept both of my girls in pull ups at night for a few months past the point that they were waking up to go at night or waking up dry in the morning.  Getting a good, solid nights sleep is way more important than pushing her to stay dry and night and having to change her sheets in the middle of the night because they are wet.  You can't force this - it will happen when she is ready.  My younger DD is a perfect example.  She day trained at around 3 years old but was no where close at night - never woke up, sleeps really, really hard.  Was waking up wet at least half the time.  By around  3 1/2, she was waking up dry more than wet and it just got better from there but she never woke up to go at night.  Shortly before her 4th b-day, she told me one morning that was done with pull ups at night and she would be dry so we went with it.  She is now 4 1/2 and has never had a night accident and wakes up to go at night when needed.
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