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  • I've always been told I'm supposed to be for my Diabetes, but I've always refused. Military healthcare gets complicated enough,and the EFMP program seems like a disorganized mess to me. I have friends with children enrolled for Autism, etc., and they always say it's more hassle than it's worth. Though I think that probably depends on the local coordinator ability to manage.
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  • Do you have specific questions? I'm in EFMP.
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  • Today my DH talked to his detailer about some things and out of nowhere he states that my daughter's paperwork got approved. He told my DH she is a cat 4 and the money is approved as well for us to move. We live in a remote location in the middle of nowhere, so they have to move us to where there is a major hospital. I remember signing consents to go forth with the paperwork, but today when my DH and I talked to our EFMP paperwork she wasn't showing anything. :/ So tomorrow morning they are calling back TN, bc that is where the detailer is, and getting more info. She even checked her chart and said she doesn't see where the paperwork was submitted. Do you think this could be a mistake? My LO was born with some heart issues, but so far, she has had no problems or surgeries, and she barely sees a cardio doc. Thoughts? Is this program that screwy that they lose paperwork and lose track of who they enroll? Only her primary care doc can fill out these papers correct? My hubby thinks someone else may of filled them out. Either way, we are getting out of this hell hole. Possibly.
  • Let me put it this way. I have asthma. I haven't been hospitalized for it, but I have been to the ER for severe attacks. The last time I was in the ER for it was over 10 years ago. They still enrolled me in EFMP. They want to make sure that you have the proper care close enough so if you did have an issue, you wouldn't have to delay care.
       As far as the EFMP paperwork goes, it is a long process. Usually, the doctor will screen your medical history for any EFMP needs. From there, they will send the chart to the EFMP liason, who will review it and send it to the EFMP "panel" (for lack of a better word.) They will decide to enroll or not, and what modifications to your living situation and medical care they can provide. From there, it comes back down through the chain and ends up with your notification.

       You can appeal the EFMP decision, but honestly, it's not an easy process, especially if she is still seeing a cardiologist at all. I've not seen anyone successfully appeal an EFMP approval. It's not going to make much difference in her care or your DH's military career. You may not be approved for a remote tour overseas if they don't have the proper facilities to handle a cardio event, but honestly, that would probably be the only issue it would cause. 

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  • Thank you so much for your advice.
  • I am in EFMP for my heart condition and asthma....I also work for them part time with some of the kids who are there....I have never been involved in a more disorganized mess in my life! I wish you luck with them!
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  • My child is an EFM and has been enrolled for 2yr. I've had no problems with it and didn't find the process hard at all. You get the paperwork filled out by the PCM and you return it. They do whatever they do and it is on file. You have to update at a minimum of every 3yr or sooner if something dictates a change to the status. It is basically there to ensure whomever is the EFM has the proper medical care in a suitable driving distance. Like we will have to be based somewhere within a suitable distance to a children's hospital.

    I really haven't had any issues with the EFM program and haven't found it to be a hassle.

  • My daughter is enrolled in EFMP.  The most helpful piece of advice that a friend gave me was to find the most senior person that you can talk to and demand to speak with them. If they can't assist you each time you call ask them who is most competent in their office and only speak to them. Things have been MUCH easier for us now that we have found someone here at Bragg that knows what he is talking about!! 

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