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mammogram call back?

OK, so I think this is not abnormal, but just wanted to see, how many of you have had to go back for further images after your mammogram?  I got a call today they found some calcifications in one of my breasts and want me to go back for additional testing. 

Re: mammogram call back?

  • I have not had one yet but my bff has had 2 and both times she was called back for the same thing, and both times it was fine. 
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  • When I found a lump I had to go for additional testing after the initial mammogram. Did a needle biopsy and it was fine.

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  • Did they just do a mammogram or did they do an u/s too? I have had 3 and every time I have had a diagnostic one (which takes like 3 hours) and is both a mammogram and u/s, but I would think being called back is not that abnormal.
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  • When mine showed the lump, they immediately did the ultrasound.  Know my results are not the one you want, but may be a good sign they didn't find anything immediately.  If this is your baseline, they probably want to mark each annomalie to compare to future readings.  Sure you will be fine.

  • I had a callback on my second mammogram and went in for another view from the mammogram; I don't believe I had an US. Ultimately it was normal, and I've and at least 2 more that were completely normal. So, while stressful, needing to go back isn't uncommon.
  • Thanks y'all!  And praying for you doctryan!
  • That happened to me the first time I got a mammo. I heard it's pretty common.
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