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xp: ipad vs kindle vs lead pad

I'm soooooo not technically savvy--so really looking for knowledge and advice from those who know about these items.  I mainly would like a device that my 4 yr old can use with some apps to help him learn (but have fun).  And perhaps at times watch movies.  When I was looking at the leap pad it seemed expensive and you have to buy the apps from the store.

Where do you get apps for the Kindle?

I have an iphone, so I know where the ipad apps will come from.

Seriously--talk to me like I'm in kindergarten--because I feel that way when it comes to technology (only they are probably smarter than me!)

Thanks ladies

Re: xp: ipad vs kindle vs lead pad

  • I am not so tech savvy either.  We were thinking of getting the kids the leap pad for christmas, but they use my iPad, so i think they will find that too babyish.  I am waiting to see what apple unveils tomorrow to decide between the kindle fire or a mini iPad for them. 

  • DD has the leap pad.  She got it one year ago for her birthday and we've been extremly happy with it.  There are apps to download, apps already on the item and games you can buy.  You can set the settings for up to 6th grade I believe.  Most games you buy are from either ages 4-7 or ages 5-8. 

    She plays it a lot, she doesn't get bored with the games.  Some games I have to help her still to complete things but she can figure most out after a little bit of frustration.  Which to me is good, I think she needs to try things and fail a few times. 

    The letter writing app that comes already on the game has been really great for her.  If you don't stay in the tracing lines it makes you start over and you have to have 2 successful attempts before you can go to the next letter.  I believe that it has really helped with her pen control. 

    Oh, also.  I know I sound like a spokesperson but I'm not.  We have an iPad that she also loves, and she really loves playing games on my iPhone, but I feel she loves her leappad better. 

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  • I vote iPad as DD has a ton of apps on there plus she's got access to netflix for her movies/tv shows. Also if you buy some shows/movies, she can watch them in the car, it's kind of an all-in-one type thing. She's got some really great educational apps that I don't know if other consoles have, but again, I've never looked into them, so I'm not sure.
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  • imagecmeon_the_water:

    Kindle fire- limited to Amazon appstore (unless you jailbreak it). Great if you have an Amazon Prime account and the benefits associated with it- not the best bang for your buck if you don't. Amazon appstore has some very good free apps, some good cheap apps, and a whole lot of really poorly done apps. It doesn't have everything Google Play offers, and fairly often Kindle specific versions of apps are more expensive or unavailable.

    iPad- lots of great free and low priced apps, very few awful ones make it to the app store. Being an Apple product, you're paying for equipment that's insanely overpriced- but, eh. :) Some great apps are only available on ios devices. It is much, much tougher to get apps into the ios appstore, and it's rare that a "bad app" with malware or security issues makes it in.

    Non-Kindle Android devices- Google Play or Amazon appstore- lots of options for apps. Some popular apps launched on Android are free while their ios versions are not. Both stores are super easy to get apps into, so there's a lot of spammy icky stuff out there, but, plenty of great apps.

    Leappad/the like? Overpriced crap that your kid will outgrow quickly, and that you'll never have another use for.

    I just posted on a post above.  My SIL just purchased a Nabi for her kids which is Android based.  Its pretty cool and, like the bolded part above says, it has a lot more to choose from while still being geared towards kids, but not to kid-like.

    ETA: The Nabi also has, like many of the tech toys geared more for kids, a way to keep tabs on your LO's learning and activity.  In case that was something that you were looking for.

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