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Moms of 3 plus car?

We are expecting our 3rd in April and are shopping for a new SUV. Any recs? TIA!

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  • I  am a Ford girl and have an Edge.  The 3 car seats are cozy- I currently have 3 Diono radians in, but once had 2 infant seats and a rear, and later FF radian in. 

    The "downside" is no room for friends in, but I like it. the trunk is good.  If I hit the lottery I'd have to soul search to see if I were willing to give her up for a Flex.  I love love my car but the Flex looks awesome. 

    My neighbors have a Toyota Highlander and it looks awesome, spacious and has a 3rd row, and is a hybrid.

    When I was in the market for my edge, DH was pestering me to get the Infinity FX- very nice, but I'm a brat and wanted my ford.

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  • We have a Honda odyssey and a Honda pilot.  The Minoan is far superior in terms of functionality, especially with 3, but we can fit three seats in the pilot, it's just a lot tighter.
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  • I'm expecting #3 in Feb and just bought a honda pilot. Because of carpooling with my friend I already drive 3 kids daily (my two and the friend) and have occasionally had 4 (friend's little sister). It works well. When I know I'll have four kids I put the two harnessed kids driver and center middle row (both FF in radians) leaving the middle passenger seat open so it pushes forward to let the two older kids (both in boosters) into the back row. Otherwise I have one harness, two boosters across the center row without a problem.

    When #3 comes he will be RF middle row center, DD2 will be FF middle row outside, the two boosters in back (and if I need to fit friend's sister I will put a FF radian middle passenger and load the booster kids through the trunk, that will be rare though).

    For road trips and such when I need to use the trunk my three will fit across the middle (have tried it, it will be easy) and we'll have the entire back for storage.

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  • We have a mazda cx9 and love it! Our main reason was for the all wheel drive and third row. But for space and ease the best thing would have been a minivan. We have traveled comfortably with the mazda too 15 hours. I put two in the third row, and the baby in the 2nd row. Now I have two in the 2nd, sometimes all three of them. And typically the oldest in the third row. We also have a large dog that fits comfy in the back too!
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  • Minivan (Odyssey) and loving it!
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  • Thanks ladies! I appreciate your responses tremendously!!
  • imageNicoleWI:
    Minivan (Odyssey) and loving it!

    +1~ love the sliding doors, truck space, DVD, butt warmers, the 1000x drink holders, the built in sun shades, etc

    ALTHOUGH, we are getting at a point where carseats will be no more (counting down!) and I think that at point, I might move onto a 3rd row SUV~ more my style and the kids will be older and ready.   

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  • We are planning on having 3 in the near future (have 2) and we recenlty bought a chevy traverse.  LOVE IT, its comparable to a minivan in price and  has decent amount of cargo space behind the 3rd row.  You can get them in 7 or 8 passenger, ours is 7 which makes it easier to access the 3rd row of seats.  Its not the best on gas, but also comparable to a minivan (Im used to my little fuel eficient civic).  My hubby loves it because it has enough towing capacity to pull his fishing boat and trailer.  Plus its pretty sweet looking. 
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