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Pre-natal Vitamins and Pregnancy Symptoms

I just stopped taken my BC pills and started taking prenatal vitamins. My husband and I have been trying around my ovulation date. The first time I felt pregnant right away and started having morning sickness, being tired, gas, tender nipples, headaches the works. Am I crazy? Or am I pregnant? I can't wait until I can take the test!
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Married to my best friend. Pregnant with baby #1. So excited Due July 20, 2013


Re: Pre-natal Vitamins and Pregnancy Symptoms

  • the last few months after every ovulation i "feel" pregnant....then i realize its just my mind tricking me. but now i honestly do feel pregnant....nausia...tiredness....bad cramps......and i didnt have any symptoms of pregnancy last pregnancy except tiredness. so these symptoms are telling you something! goning to take a test tomorrow "2 days before missed period" even thought last pregnancy i didnt get a positive test til a week after my missed period :(. So i have high hopes for you and have hope for me too!
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