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any bfing moms on wic/medicaid

Do you know if the WIC program or medicaid/ Wellcare covers the use of a pump? i'm trying to figure it out before i go out and buy one, just so i don't spend any unnecessary money.



Re: any bfing moms on wic/medicaid

  • I was on medicaid when my son was born in June and it did not cover a pump. I was able to pair a Buy buy baby coupon AND BRU coupon at Buy buy baby giving me 40% off though.
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  • You may want to doublecheck though, because in August, the new healthcare law went into effect that requires insurance companies to cover a pump.  Not sure how this works with Medicare, but it's worth a phone call.  Although, some insurance require that you buy one through their medical supplier rather than at a retail store, so definitely do your research before you buy.
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  • The WIC program will loan you a pump free of charge for as long as you are breastfeeding. They give you a sealed bag of all the accessories..tubes, flanges etc. The only thing used before is the little square pump, which no milk ever touches, so it's completely sanitary. Or if you prefer, they offer the opportunity to buy a medela pump at discounted price, like 135 or something. I just went with the free one. You sign a paper that you owe 50 if you don't return the pump. That's it! Just ask tour BF consultant about it. Hope this helps!
  • I used to be a nutritionist for WIC.  They will give you a hand pump for free but you have to have to be separated from the baby (ie baby in NICU) to rent the electric pump.  
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