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Need suggestions in Westerly...

Hubby and I are almost at that point where we're going to be trying. My pcp told me to start looking for a OBGYN so I'm not rushing around looking for one when we need it. Suggestions needed for doctors and where you ladies are going to be or have delivered yourself. I'm thinking about going to L&M, I havent heard much about Westerly Hospital.

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  • I like Dr. Greenlee in the womens health center (morgan building) I've been seeing him for since my first and this is my 3rd. I think the maternity ward in Westerly hospital is much better. The ER sucks. There is alao other Drs you can see in the morgan building and Dr. Neuhauser is on the corner of east ave. I saw him breifly but wasn't impressed. I felt like he was always rushing me.
  • I love Dr. Neuhauser, i have never felt rushed, but sometimes i think he can be busy since he is a one man show.  I went to the women's center over in the morgan building and hated the woman i saw there.  it was not Dr. Greenlie i have heard wonderful things about him.
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  • I am using Lori Kelly, the midwife at the Women's Health Center. She is super nice. This is my first. She was recommended by my PCP and a co-worker who loved her. She is at Westerly Hospital, which was suggested by a few people I know. I have been there and it if different, small, but cozy. I think it will work for me.
  • I go to Women's Health of Westerly.  Currently I believe there are 2 doctors, Dr. Greenlee and Lori Kelly.  My primary is Lori Kelly, she is a midwife and she is awesome.  I have had a great experience with her so far, and am hoping that it is her that is there for the delivery of my baby.  I have seen Dr. Greenlee a few times and he is nice too.  I will be delivering at Westerly Hospital.
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  • Did you guys check out westerly hospital first? I was under the impression that they dont have a NICU center if something were to go wrong. That makes me nervous.
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