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Good Afternoon!

 have  any of you ladies delivered at Northside Forsyth's Womens center? My DD who is now five was delivered at Northside hospital at the time Northside forsyth was not doing babies.   I absolutly loved Northside and the care i received.  I dont know anyone who has delivered at the Forsyth location and would like to hear some oppinions on it.   TIA!

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Re: Northside Forsyth

  • I delivered there and I loved it!  I was supposed to deliver @ Northside Atlanta, but my dr. was at Forsyth that day and I needed an emergancy c-section, so I went there.  Have nothing but wonderful things to say about it!  Every person that I dealt with there was wonderful and both the baby and I received wonderful care.  If we have another we have already said we will go back to Forsyth.
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  • yay!!  thats great to hear  thank you! 
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  • My first two children were born at Northside Atlanta, and then my third was born at Northside Forsyth.  I VASTLY preferred the Forsyth location, primarily because it was sooooo much closer to home, and therefore easier to go back and forth with the kids (we live an hour from the Atlanta location).  Parking is not a hassle, and it's free.  We could easily get takeout nearby, because I do not eat hospital food.  I felt like a number in Atlanta, and I was one of only a couple women at the Forsyth location, so they were so very attentive.  Of course I felt like the care and competency were equal, so my observations are all based on trivial things that made life easier :)
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  • Good to know!   thank you  :)   i'm only an exit away from forsyth.
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