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Anyone give birth at Lenox Hill?

I am due in 7 weeks and am delivering here. Is the hospital tour necessary? Also, do you know the price for a private room?
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Re: Anyone give birth at Lenox Hill?

  • yes! i am registered to give birth at Lenox Hill! The tour was very informative, tips such as where to enter if you come after hours. where to create your baby's birth certificate, and there are different private rooms so they vary in price. those prices were also mentioned on the tour! so YES take the tour its free and it doesn't hurt! Enjoy
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  • I'm also registered to give birth at the Lenox Hill. I agree the tour is very important as mentioned before. The single rooms are not covered by the insurance company and are $700 per night, the suite is $1,300 per night! Know that the delivery rooms are single and the recovery room are double or single as you wish at the prices mentioned above.
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  • I gave birth at Lenox Hill 2 yrs ago.  I had an amazing experience from start to finish.  The cost of a private room came to roughly $480.  I went on the hospital tour to alleviate some fear of not knowing what to expect or where to go "the day of".  It was very helpful and made me feel so much better. 
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