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When did this get here?!

Hi ladies!

I just saw this shinny new board! Finally, somewhere that I can type the words "favoUrite" and "coloUr" without feeling like I will be judged for spelling it "wrong", eh!

I am Canadian! I will post my intro in the post below, tomorrow. Right now it is late.

I look forward to getting to know all of you. :) 

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Re: When did this get here?!

  • Welcome!  If you know of any other Canucks who might be interested (or any other nationality for that matter too), bring 'em on over!
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  • Love this board!  Let's all brag about free health care and one year off on Maternity leave!  LOL!  I feel so bad for some other countries that only get six weeks with their LO.  :(
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  • I am so excited to use the letter U too! 

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