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Trying to find Maternity Excercise classes

Is it just me or do they not advertise in Burlington, VT.  I've been trying to find a class that I could join so I can stay in shape.  I had a personal trainer at one point for my last pregnancy.  I think I did too much with her and I had a miscarriage.  Now I'm scared to do too much.  This time (I'm 6 weeks pregnant) I tried to go for a 3 mile run because I'm a runner.  I had cramps all night like I was going to have another miscarriage.  I'm nervous, but I don't want to sit on my butt and just gain weight.  Any ideas or classes you can think of??  Thanks!

Re: Trying to find Maternity Excercise classes

  • I am thinking maybe you should take a break from running (jog instead) or simply try something more low impact like pilates, swimming, or Zumba.  I am in the process of waiting to hear about results from IVF, so I am not even thinking about exercising, but I do find it hard when it is so nice out and all I want is to go for a long bike ride!  Try contacting The Edge - they have a ton of classes and resourses.  Smile


    Good Luck!



  • Maybe you could try something more low impact like just walking??
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  • Evolution Yoga on Pine Street has an amazing prenatal yoga class 3 days per week- highly recommended!
  • I don't know Burlington but maybe check Fletcher Allen? I know Dartmouth Keene has some prenatal yoga I'm thinking about doing. It's way worse in the southern part of the state if you don't want the more Buddhist religious experience.
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  • Jazzercise is amazing.... you can easily modify the moves if you need too.... best part is the motto at the studio I go to is who cares what you look like or if you get the steps right as long as your moving and having fun that is all that matters.... and you can always try it ... usually first two classes are free...
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