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A new Dad book is out there this week

a friend told me about a new dad book is out this week called dadspirations the 1st 100 days of fatherhood. all these cool ideas you can do for baby, wife and you. they are giving out bonus free gifts too like podcasts, ebooks and coupons to celebrate their launch. 

Re: A new Dad book is out there this week

  • sorry, forgot their info: dadspirations.com
  • It's amazing that you joined the bump today just to tell people about the book you're promoting!

    Dad books on a whole are garbage. Mom books on a whole are garbage too, but there are enough of them that a few rise above the fray. But really, all good information you need these days is available online for free, so why buy a book unless it is hilariously funny?

    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
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