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Paying for the ob/gyn bill

I'm currently paying for all of my doctor's bill out of my own pocket. My employer doesn't offer maternity insurance and in NC you would have to start a maternity policy one year prior to getting pregnant. I currently make too much to get Medicaid. I was wondering if there is any other help out there that I can receive.

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  • Maybe you have already done this but I think most doctors will negotiate a rate with you up front if you don't have insurance.  You should also call the hospital that you are delivering at and ask about patient assistance. 

    Many hospitals have patient assistance funds and may be willing to write off a portion of your bill if you can discuss it in advance.


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  • What about pregnancy medicaid? The qualifications are different than regular which may make you eligible. While I don't make much (and my husband is in law school so we have many loans), I do have private insurance and that didn't matter. The pregnancy medicaid will cover what my insurance doesn't. My doctors office had suggested it to me and I followed up and qualified.
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  • I also had the same problem as you. I thought I made to much money to apply for medicaid, so for the longest time I put applying for it off. I am almost 7 months pregnant and I just now got approved for it and recieved my medicaid card in the mail. Have you tried applying for medicaid? Don't assume anything until you try. If I went off my assumptions, then I wouldn't have medicaid now. Try applying - whats the worst they can say? No? By myself, I make $31,000.00 a year. I don't know how much you make, but it's definitely worth a try! Good luck to you. It is very stressful knowing you don't have any coverage.

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