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Due date change

Just got out of the doctors for our monthly appointment. We hear from the the nurse oh your 21 weeks along now which at the time we thought we where half baked. So come to find out we are skipping a week and now are going to have a valentines day baby!!!!!!
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Re: Due date change

  • I'm sure your wife will be thankful that she got that week "off" later!

  • Sweet. That's awesome. 

    They pushed our date a week back when we reached that point. 

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  • A word of advice: Don't put too much stock into "Due Dates". They really are more of a "possible birth date, but her body may have other opinions" date.

    A lot of first babies are a week "late", so you very well may end up just having your original "due date" anyways.

    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
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