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My DH is in the guard and goes on short deployments fairly often. I'm mostly a SAHM but I do work one evening a week. Currently my DH is gone for a week. I'm supposed to work while he's away but won't be able to because we have no child care. We are not near family and I'm not ready to leave my 5 month old with a sitter yet. Not to mention I work 7pm-1am so it's not like there are a ton of options for that time of night anyway. I spoke to my manager and she said if I don't find someone to cover me then I'll have an unexcused absence. I think after 5 of these comes a written warning and then one more is fired. I know my husband is protected under the soliders and sailors act but is there any help for us? I was very honest with my boss when I was pregnant that we don't have child care here and there may be issues. She seemed supportive (her husband is retired military) but now that I'm having an issue I feel like there's no support from her. Just wondering if anyone knew of any options. TIA!!!

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  • Been there done that. Do what you have to do- your family comes first. I believe there is some sort of FMLA for military spouses but as far as I know you would have to use it in one chunk and you can only use it once per year. I was offered this at my last job but they ended up just helping me out schedule wise without having to do it. I totally understand. Do your best to cover your shift but if you cant just be honest with her - hopefully shell see that you put in some effort and will be willing to help you out. I totally understand. 
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