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I just started seeing a Dr. at Pennsylvania Hospital, and she seems fine and nice, but the office really isn't what we want.  It's huge, there's tons of people, the wait is always really long, and the office staff is rough.  I think I would like to deliver at Pennsylvania Hospital or Jefferson, but after reading about Lankenau I'm really not sure what to do.   Any Dr. rec.'s are appreciated!!

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  • Hello! I have my first appt w/a female Dr at Lankenau on Monday 10/15. I could let you know once I visit. I used to go to an OBGYN office for Jefferson for 5-6 year for all my gyn needs. The only reason I switched was b/c they had M-F 8-5 hours and with my job I had to take 1/2 day for my yearly examine. I haven't been there in two years but a lot of women did go there. My cousin used that office for both her pregnancies. I felt like there was a little wait to see my nurse. But I would recommend them. The main reason for me not going back is that I would in the suburbs and the office is in the city, so that would require a lot more time off for appts to go there rather then Lankaneu which is between home and work for me.
    The office for Jefferson is on 8th and Chestnut Street.
  • Not sure which office you went to of PA Hospital, but I have been seen in both the Spruce and Curtis Center offices.  I switched from the CC because of the long waits.  I haven't had any issues at the Spruce office in terms of crazy long waits.

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  • I am going to 8th and Spruce, but I think there are a few practices there.  I have been seeing Dr. Anderson. The more I look around, the more I think that gruff desk staff and busy offices is what you have to deal with in the city, and if I want calmer, I have to go the suburbs.  To go all the way out to the burbs for every appt. seems like too big a trade off.  Urgh. 
  • I go to Jefferson and absolutely love them. I have went there for all my kids and this is now my third baby. I would so recommend them. 
  • I had both my kids at Jefferson and loved it.  The doctors and nurses at Women's Medical Specialties and the hospital were all wonderful and I never had any issues with wait times. Dr. Wolf delivered both my kids and she was fantastic. 

    I have since switched to Lankenau because I no longer live in the city and am literally 5 minutes from the hospital.  But I did consider staying at Jeff

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