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Fetal Growth

So today I went for my 3rd ultrasound to measure the baby's growth.  I had one at 8 weeks, one at 20 weeks, and now this one.  I didn't test for gestational diabetes or anything but my doctor does a routine ultrasound in the 3rd tri (some docs don't).  My DH and I were very excited to see what the predicted weight of the baby was....well they say he's 8.5lbs!  Not going to be that, but thats what he is NOW!  I'm only 36w5d and he's already measuring that big, and it makes me really nervous for labor!  The first thing the u/s tech measured was his head and she says "Yeah that's measuring larger than average"...great!

With that said, all my fluid measurements looked normal, his spine looked normal and we got to see some fetal breathing which was really cool.  The tech said his lungs looked really strong! 

Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic to know our DS is healthy, but I can't help but get nervous about his size when it comes to my delivery....eeek!


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  • Their estimates can be way off.  My sister's said her son was 8 lb 5oz at a 37 week u/s.  He ended up weighing 6lb 4 oz when born at 39 weeks 2 weeks ago.  On the flip side, DD was supposed to be in the low 4s so I was induced early because she wasn't gaining weight properly.  She ended up being 5lb 10oz. 

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  • Like pp said, the u/s can be way off.  They say there is a 2lb flux either way, so dont be nervous, he may be way smaller than 8lb's right now.

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  • As PP said, the u/s measurements are not accurate in terms of weight.  With DD, my OB said she's probably 6-6.5 lbs.  Child came out at 7.5 lbs and tore me from end to end!!  Good news is, sounds like baby is measuring ahead or right on track if anything. 

    Don't worry too much!

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  • I had a similar experience at my 28 week ultrasound.  I do have GD so I'm being closely monitored.  I've been told that the estimates can be up to 30% off, so don't panic yet.  Just ask questions and understand your options. 

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  • omg, I hear ya.  It is like you read my mind! We just went in for 30 week u/s becuase I am measuring large.  They said our baby is in the 90% percentile and that freaked me out! My husband and I want to go natural so it kinda worries me... haha, but to know that it is wrong a lot of the time is helpful!! at least they are healthy :)
  • US estimates can be off by up to 2 pounds either way.
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