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FTM, premature labor and scheduled induction

HI ladies, 

I thought I would share an update regarding the birth of our baby boy, Logan James.

After 2 weeks on hospital bed rest I was induced on 10/01 at 7:30am. I was checked (1 cm, 60%, -2) and given a dose of cydotec. Four hours later I was checked again. With no progress I was given a 2nd dose of cydotec. From there my irregular contractions became very intense, but not too terrible. Still, after a couple more hours I was checked and was 3cm, 75% and -2.

The Dr's decided to go ahead and start pitocin. This made my contractions more regular (every 3-5 minutes) but in my opinion not unbearable--just more intense when they happened.

*A note on contractions--When I was admitted to the hospital I was told that I was having irregular contractions. Even on bed rest I was told I occasionally had contractions, but for some reason I could never tell. My girlfriends told me that "I would know" when I was really in labor and having contractions. Since I never really suffered from menstrual cramps it was hard to associate the two. But I can best describe the sensation (IMO) as a tight squeeze of your lower abdomen/uterus. To me they made me slightly nauseated. I felt better if/when I could relax and breathe through them. But in reality the sensation made me tense up more than anything. *

I was checked 1 hour after my second dose of cydotec and 1 hour after pitocin. I was 5 cm, 75% and -2. I decided to go ahead an get the epidural since the nurse decided to increase my pitocin.

*The epidural--was not painful as much as scary (you can't see what they are doing, although it is explained to you). I felt a small prick as the Dr. placed the local and then a weird sensation of the catheter being inserted (I felt it more on my right side--if that makes sense)*

After I got the epidural my husband encouraged me to take a nap. I did on the condition that he wake me up in time to watch the Voice (I really couldn't sleep anyway).

I got up around 7pm and was watching TV. I met the night nurse at shift change. She told me that she would be around to check me in 15-20 min. Around 7:30 she did (at which point I apologized for indian ovening her because I felt that my farts were UNCONTROLLABLE).

She told me that I was ready to push (10, 100% and head right THERE!) She called the Dr and they had me 'practice push.'

*The push--It's true what they say its like pushing to poop, but since I don't poop laying down it felt weird.*

After my practice push they laughed and told me to wait since the baby was coming out (I could see his hair!). I started laughing (half in disbelief that this was happening and half because I really couldn't feel pain). I pushed for 4 times (with quick 3 sets per push) and Logan James was born at 7:52pm.

He was born at 34 weeks on the dot and weighed 5lbs 12oz. He was 19 inches long. Considering that he was a preemie, we had the NICU nurses in the room, but he came out screaming and was pink so they let him lay on my belly while my DH cut the cord. Then he was placed on my belly for some skin to skin (about 20-30 min).

Logan is still in the NICU while he learns to eat & develop a good suck/breathe reflex. His lungs are great and he is working hard to control his body temperature. He is a doll!

I will try and post some pictures, but I hope that this story is motivation for a positive birth experience for FTM's with premature labor and scheduled inductions!

Have healthy and happy pregnancies!! And enjoy your Saturday! 


Re: FTM, premature labor and scheduled induction

  • Congrats!! Thanks for sharing; Iam a FTM and I enjoyed reading your story. Logan was born at a nice weight. Hope he comes home soon!
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  • Congratulations on the birth of your little guy. Praying that your little guy has a short NICU stay. Please come over to the preemie board if you have any questions or concerns.



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  • Congratulations! I hope you get to bring your little man home soon.
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  • Sounds like your labor was not too shabby. Congrats!
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