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Switching from Alimentum to Elecare

How long before I see results switching to Elecare.  My son's poops were mucousy and bloody.  Had to stop BF and switch to Alimentum, which my other son did well on.  LO has only been on Elecare for only a day and a half but was just curious as to what to expect.

Re: Switching from Alimentum to Elecare

  • we did the switch to neocate which is the same as elecare. it took about 3-5 day to see a difference. about 1.5 weeks to clear the blood completely 
  • I noticed the change right away. Hey I notice you are in NJ. I live on NY and have like 30 cans we no longer use.... Let me know of you are interested. 
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  • My LO has been on the Elecare for about 1.5 weeks and his poops are still brown muscous.  His butt is so red.  The dr. says it takes time but my other son who is now 27 months old had a milk protein as well and he was on Alimentum and did great.  I've never seen anything like this before.  So frustrating....after this week, I am going to call the dr. back and if it doesn't clear up, he will have to be scoped.  I don't look forward to that but I need to know what is going on.
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