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11 Weeks Pregnant

Is it bad to feel like I just wanna die!!!!

Not literally but since morning since began for me about the 6 wk, I've been Extremely nauseated ever since. I mean ALL DAY, ALL AFTERNOON, ALL NIGHT!! I am in my 11th wk and feeling sicker at nights. I vomited only twice since I found out I was pregnant, but it was from smelling food like ?saut?ed onions?, which used to be my favorite thing to eat! My boss and everyone who was pregnant once keeps telling me it will get better. I am counting down the hours (not even days) when this will end! This Thursday will be my 2nd visit to the doctor. My husband and I are hoping that we will hear the baby?s heart beat, as well as see him/her move! Does anyone know about ?wrist bands for nausea?? I think I might ask my OB about this too because I don?t think I can take another 2 wk?s of this. O yea?This Sunday my husband I will also be telling our extended family about the awesome news! I know there?s a lot and we?re super excited, but I can?t imagine how labor will be if I feel like dieing now LOL!!!

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  • Oh, do I ever empathize with your experience! My first pregnancy was filled with what seemed like all consuming nausea that was 24/7. It made it difficult to actually enjoy being pregnant. I got through it basically by taking one day at a time....not the magic advise you were looking for, huh? I tried different antinausea drugs with no relief. I did also try the wrist bands and that was a futile effort. I also experienced severe migraine headaches on top of the nausea, so it felt really frustrating.....especially when there are those who are pregnant, who love it and feel awesome. I just laid around miserable---here's the awesome part--my son was an absolute angel! Barely ever cried or fussed! I think all the hard work I put in during the pregnancy paid off in the end! So that ended up being the bright light at the end that I didn't know was going to exist! I am now about 11 weeks pregnant with my second child and the nausea is there, but less "all consuming". My migraine headaches on the other hand have been horrid! I average 5/7 days with a significant headache that leaves me unable to do much, let alone work! I just keep going forward as best I can and know that while I am not the "romantic emotional" type when it comes to pregnancy, I face it with realistic expectations for myself and my situation. And everyone is different so don't feel bad if you "wanna die" because I did too the first time around!

  • No Honey,

    It is perfectly fine that you feel so bad...I am also 11 wks pregnant and I tell my husband I don't think I can do this pregnancy thing all the time.....Although I know I have too!!! ugggggg.  I couldn't suffer with nausea any longer so I did what I thought would be the most appropriate thing and that was call my OB.....What a good idea!!!! She advised me to start with over the counter meds. So low and behold for  $ 5.00 I found a cure for my 11 wk curse of nausea.  She told me to buy BONINE....boy does this motion sickness medicine work...I am so much happier being pregnant than I was 4 days ago. Long story short if I were you I would contact my OB and see if she could suggest an amazing cure for your illness as my OB did for me. Best of Luck in your preganancy hang in there.....(like you have another choice.....I know) :0)

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  • No dear, it's not bad to feel that way. With my first (a girl) I was miserable all day, every day for the ENTIRE pregnancy. I had tried everything I could think of from meds to old home remedies. I puked from about week 4 until the day I delivered her. So many times I complained. With my second (a boy), I had a few days of nausea here and there but felt great the entire time. With this third, I have no idea what sex it could be because my symptoms are completely middle-of-the-road. Hang in there, and know that all of this misery you're going through is a small price to pay for the sweet angel you'll have in your arms at the end! This just makes you mother of the year! :)
  • No, i feelt he same way. I am 11 weeks as well and still vomit everything and smells bother me and everything else going crazy. I tell my husband the same thing, not sure i can do this any longer. I guess we will have to hang in there. My OB gave me a prescription for nausea suppositories and it works a little bit not always though.:)
  • Someone else on here gave me the GREAT advice of peppermint oil.  It sounds odd, but go buy some.  Waft the bottle under your nose and your nausea disappears!  It's not a permanent solution but it works in your worst moments.  I carried a bottle with me every day from about week 5 to 10.  Hope you feel better soon!
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  • I'm not sure where about's you are located, however I'm in Ontario Canada and I was given a prescription from my doctor called "Diclectin" it's be a life saver! One small pill at bedtime and good-bye nausea!

  • You are not alone or wrong to feel like dying. I'm 11 weeks into my 4th and final go round and I can truly say, that the wanna die feeling should be listed as a symptom of pregnancy at some point. What I found worked this time(motion sickness meds with my 2nd & 3rd; crackers with the 1st)was pickle juice Confused go figure. I stumbled onto that one and it's worked wonders, I just eat a sour dill pickle and usually don't deal with the nausea for about 2 or 3 days. Hopefully you find what works for you, or the nausea just goes away. Good luck

  • I would like to die also so don't feel bad!!  I have been so sick all day and night since week 6.  I'm nearing Week 12 now and I don't think it's much better.  My lifesaver has been Zofran.  When I take that at least I can function!!  I work 14 hour days at my job and there is no way I could get through it without Zofran!  If I don't take the Zofran I puke and want to die and cannot do anything but lay on my couch and moan!  I had no idea it would be this bad.  FYI  Zofran is very constipating- so if you take it I suggest Colace, prune juice, and dried apricots before you hit the I need an enema stage like I did!!  Is it almost 40 weeks yet??
  • I completely understand!!!! I am 11 weeks now, and I have been telling my husband for a while how I do not understand how the human race has not died out by now.  I feel terrible about it but a couple of times I have thought I really can't do this.  It is worse at night too! I am having a really difficult time, which is especially hard because I am very excited about being pregnant, I was not sure I could ever get pregnant.  But, this was unplanned, and I am still in school, and my life is crazy busy.  It makes me feel like a bad mom that I am hating this so much, I always thought being pregnant would be so cool. I am hoping that when I hit the second trimester it will be better, but right now it is really difficult not being miserable and unhappy. :( 
  • The labor, is not as bad as the pregnancy. I'm 11 weeks with my second.  This one has been just as bad as the first.  I puke all day everyday.  Nothing seems to help.  I am currently on a double dose of Zofran and while that helped for a week, it has all come back.  I feel like I don't know what I was thinking wanting another one.  My son is 15 months old and I can't even manage him on my own.  Thank God for my husband.  Before you know it it will be over, and you will have survived.  The thing that kept me going is that they say that if you are sick in the first trimester that its a good strong pregnancy.  Good luck, and hang in there.
  • I know this sounds awful but I am soooo happy I`m not the only one!! I have been vomiting at least three times a day since week 4. I am currently on week 10 and have just spent THE MOST horrible weekend. I have tried EVERYTHING from ginger to preggie pops to saltines to medication and nothing works. I found a video about the pressure points to relieve nausea and I am now trying that.

     My best advice are not alone. jajaja  Knowing and reading about other women`s experience helps me feel identified and not so miserable. We`ll survive, you`ll see. And when we have a baby in our arms and some other newbie mom comes complaining, we`ll just smile and tell her..."just hang in there!"

  • I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my first......and I to feel absolutely like an alien! I don't want to exercise or garden or anything......its tough to feel happy and I feel guilty that I really should be feeling happy:(

    Hope it gets better

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    Read your post because I know exactly what you're going through. I am pregnant with my second and also feel exhausted and miserable. I experienced the same thing with my 1st child and I remember thinking, "I can't believe women do this! How do people have more than one child??" My symptoms were done last time around when I started my 2nd trimester. Although every once in a while something (like a icky-looking food) would make me nauseous. But for most women I think it improves greatly very soon.

    And although I remembered how ill I was with my 1st child, it was totally worth it!! The few months of misery is so worth it for that awesome little person.

    Hang in there!!!

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  • I am also 11 weeks with my first baby.  I am having a really awful time.  I have missed a lot of work due to all day sickness and had to be put on intermittent leave. I can barely drive anywhere without getting nauseated or even eat food because everything seems repulsive!  Forget about being intimate, going anywhere, or enjoying just being pregnant.  Everyone keeps saying that "it will end soon" but I have yet to have any relief.  I had chronic migraines before I was pregnant but they had gone away around week 5, but alas! they have returned.  I really don't think I will have another baby after this experience.  I feel very depressed and am really living day by day.  I totally know how you feel =(
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  • My doctor recommended to wear sea band , you can buy it from any pharmacy or rite -aid . She did not recommend to take any medicines , not sure why . but eventually it will calm down .

  • Trust me I truly know how you feel.  This is my second child and i am really sick. with my first and now this child i have and had Hyperemsis Gravadium which is severe morning sickness. Which my first (a boy) it didnt end until i was 18 weeks. with this child i am 11 weeks and it is actually worse. i am hoping they will tie my tubes  after this. my husband and i wanted 3 kids but that dream has been chut short to 2 because i am so sick. simple things like scrolling to fast on the computer or a food commercial send me running to the bathroom. the only thing i have eaten for the month is crackers, mashed potatoes, and rice. those are a struggle to keep down. i have been in the hospital 4 times already for dehydration. i am on zofran  and reglan around the clock. i am taking  b6 vitiman and half a unisom, i have sea bands and all they seem to do is leave my wrist sore. i am also on leave from work because i am rapidly losing weight. i had to have a sonagram done already and the baby is fine. strong heart beat. so i say this to you ... i am hanging in there with you. praying for our lights at the end of the tunnels. dont know if it helped but you are not alone. feel  better cause i wish i did too.
  • I feel you on that, it is a strain and for me EVERYTHING drains me... Ive known since about week 3, Ive only gotten sick 3 times but the nausea was a killer along with not knowing what to eat because everything made me sick to my stomach or id have to force myself to eat and that was hard... I also had the sorest boobs ever. I felt every growing/stretching pain there was. I also bled from week 5 to week 8. Now in week 11 I can hoestly say Im feeling better as the days come. Ive only had 2 bad migraines that I couldnt sleep off, my boobs (which worried me at first) are less tender and my appetite is coming back. I am still tired but that seems to be getting better along with my nausea.

    Ive tried the following things... Naps in the middle of the day, plenty of water, ice cream/smoothies (easier to get down and keep down), peppermint is def helpful and an amazing remedy, it isnt always 100% effective but trust me it helps.

    Dont worry about eating too healthy because more than likely the baby will reject it, as mine did... veges were NOT apart of anything, I just couldnt do them, now I can eat about half (I feel like a child lol) But friuts esp watermelon help alot, I think its the sweetness and coldness that gives it such ease.

    But good luck and I pray your easy is coming!!!

    Oh 1 more thing stay out of this heat and make sure youre fully hydrated!!!

  • I am 11 weeks as well. This is  my 4th child and all i have to say is i would have had MS with the first child i don't think that i would be having #4. I told my dr and he prescribed me some dissoluble pills....that didn't work. So i did some research and found that some woman used ginger root pills....i thought ok....what is it going to hurt...payed 5.00 and bamn within 5 min i felt better then i had before in the past 11 weeks... who would have thought.... so maybe go to your vitamin store and pick up a bottle. Good luck to you!!
  • I am in the same boat as you! The only difference being that since week 6 I have thrown up almost every day anywhere from 1-5 times a day, but thankfully I am able to sleep at night without getting up to be sick! This is my 2nd pregnancy.  My daughter Madison will be 7 in December and that pregnancy was a walk in the park compared to this one.  I was sick maybe a handful of times with her ( mainly bc i had a horrible taste in my mouth all the time which sometimes made me start gagging) , and just a bunch of heartburn in the 2nd trimester.  I was also diagnised with gestational diabetes at 6 months but that wasn't such a big deal bc I was able to control it with diet (which just helped me eat healthier anyways).  Checking my blood sugar levels kinda sucked bc I hate needles..  But this pregnancy has been nothing but one problem after another.  Severe indigestion and constipation, heartburn already, stomach pain.  My vomiting and nausea became so severe that i had to go on Zofran, which didn't help.  After becoming dehydrated bc I couldn't keep anything down I was switched to Reglan, which made me not vomit but gave me very uncomfortable side effects like chest heaviness and gastric pain in my esophagus.  Only now at the start of my 11th week am I starting to feel somewhat better.  Many times I was so miserable I broke down into hysterical tears telling my husband i wanted to die! It will get better soon...Also regarding the seabands, it's a good thing to try. They worked in my first pregnancy, but were no help this time around.  Best of luck to you....
  • I feel like I could have written your post. I am in week 11, been sick and either on the couch or in the bed for over a month now, have thrown up about 6 times even while taking Zofran, and the nausea starts from the minute I get out of bed to the minute I fall asleep at night. It's been depressing having life go on without me, but the consolation is that life is growing inside of me! I feel bad for those who feel this sick but are just sick! People with chronic illness or cancer.....I need to be more thankful! It's still hard though. Sometimes it's hard for me to even remember that I'm actually pregnant. I just think about how sick I feel, and I concentrate on trying not to throw up. Makes me feel better to know I'm not alone. 
  • Ginger ANYTHING helped my. Ginger drinks (soda, cordial in water), tea, ginger bread or snaps. Also, chewing on mint gum helped the nausea and that weird taste you can get in your mouth because of it too. I found some mint tea too, that helped for a while until baby decided it didn't like that.... Motion sickness bands HELP. As long as you wear them correctly (package should have a diagram) and they press on the pressure point in your wrist. Sometimes, I'd be feeling utterly crappy, put it on, and feel so much better. Not good as new, but anything that takes the edge off the nausea is great. 
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