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I'm 7 weeks pregnant and the nausea is out of control, I can hardly eat anything and I can't stand for 10 minutes at a time. I've tried ginger (it makes me gag), crackers (also makes me gag), and vitamin b-6. I need something, I have to go to work soon and I can't if I feel like death every 22 minutes. Can anyone help me.

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  • Eating crackers before getting out of bed helped me. You need to try to keep your stomach filled. What type of ginger did you try? Tazo green ginger tea worked wonders for me. Also, you can get a prescription for zofran from your OB.
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  • I was the same way in the very beginning, although my nausea seemed to strike at night.  Crackers and ginger ale did not agree with me at all.  I found eating a bowl of dry Corn Flakes when I first got up worked wonders.  I basically sustained on dry Corn Flakes, a plain bagel with cream cheese, pizza and chicken soup for the entire month of July.  The only liquid I could drink ironically was regular Coke (yes, the red can with the caffiene).  Once the nausea began to subside, I gradually started to introduce other liquids and foods. I only now at 19 weeks can drink plain water. Just take it one day at a time. Also, definetly call your OB and they may be able to prescibe something for the nausea.  Lastly, it could be the prenatal vitamins that are making your nausea worse.  Ask your OB about posisbly switching to an over the counter or other brand if you are taking RX ones.  The RX ones made me violently ill, and I stomach the Target brand with no issues.  Good luck!
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  • My OB also suggested hard candies/lollipops.  They help keep your blood sugar up without filling up your stomach and adding pressure.  Good luck!
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  • Hi Nia, im Nia also. i just gave birth 10 days ago. i suffered from HG aka Hypermesis during my pregnancy. it was horrible. not to scare you but you might want to find out if you have something more than just morning sickness. check out and talk to your OB about it.
  • Sorry, IS awful when it's like that. Usually wk 7-12 is the worst. Some general tips I have to keep the nausea a bit more manageable are to eat small frequent meals, meaning always have something in your belly. Force little bites if difficult to eat. That is #1. The longer you go between eating, the worse you should feel. Hence why it is called 'morning' sickness, usually women feel worse in the morning since having nothing in her belly all night. Next to that first tip is to make sure each of those snacks is protein. Suggestions for making that happen is keep a little baggy of almonds with you at all times, always have hard boiled eggs to grab in the fridge, quick mix protein shakes, etc. If you can eat it, eat it. So don't worry AS much about staying away from 'unhealthy' foods like ice cream or pizza, yk? Once first trimester is coming to an end, you'll feel better and better each day until one day you won't remember how bad you ever felt! :) It does end! (for most people) Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy! 

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