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I know you used the monitor, so I hope you dont mind another question about it. I have been using it this cycle and I have gotten 11 straight days of high fertility but no peak. Did this happen to you the first cycle you used it? My cycle has been 28 & 29 days since the MC so I wonder if it really is long this month or if it just missed the peak time.

 If anyone else has experience in this feel free to chime in.



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Re: **dbertagni** re:CBEFM

  • I honestly don't remember, but I had long cycles, like 42 days, so I know I would have a lot of high days and 2 peak days and use almost 3/4 or more of a box of sticks. You will be sure when you see the peak, it is hard to miss! I'd keep testing and see what happens. Good luck.



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