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2nd Trimester

Maternity Clothes at Ross!

I just got a great pair of skinny maternity jeans at Ross for $9!! I didn't even know they had a maternity section! Granted the choices were slim, but the prices are fantastic.

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Re: Maternity Clothes at Ross!

  • Good to know, thanks!
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  • Ive gotten like 90 percent of my maternity waredrobe (havent gotten that many things yet) from Ross. I like to pop in every few weeks because their selection seems to change a bit. You are right about the limited selection but there is no beating their prices!! I will admit that I am super cheap when it comes to maternity clothes because I only have 4 months left and then I wont be wearing it anymmore so Ross is perfect for me. One thing I haven't looked at is their jean selection. Thanks for pointing out that they have such good prices on jeans.


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  • TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory aren't too bad either. We don't have a Ross here and the BCF is about an hour away so I have to get my stuff at Marshalls.

     ETA: You should also check out their baby section if you haven't already. The same things you'll find in other stores like JCP, Carters, Target etc, they have there for a fraction of the cost because they get the manufacturer's overstock :)

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  • Lucky you!! I find Ross to be pretty hit or miss, but have found some good stuff there.
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  • I find that if you shop Old Navy online you get wayyyy better deals than in stores. Also pink blush maternity has really trendy maternity clothes but theyre not anything like the bargain you got.

    Love, Amanda

    expecting our little miracle in February

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  • Seems like whenever I wasn't pregnant I was impressed with the maternity selection at Ross.  NOw that I am - I never find anything!  Glad you did, though!
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  • I checked out Ross over the weekend and was exhausted when I left - didn't purchase anything. I have had luck there in the past, but I agree it is hit or miss

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