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enlarged ventricle???

So we had an ultrasound yesterday and they said my baby boy looks wonderful but they want to keep an eye on a ventricle in his brain. I guess it's just slightly above normal. I shouldn't have googled anything and took their word for it they said he doesn't have any other issues and sometimes there is a variation of normal. Was wondering if anyone else had this ? I feel like everything is fine but it's a little stressful.
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Re: enlarged ventricle???

  • Didn't know the brain even had ventricles ... have only heard of them being in the heart. Go wiith what your medical team says, they will point out a lot of things along the way which can be scary but it shows that they are watching your LO.
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  • We had the same thing happen with our first baby. Totally freaked me out when I googled it. We did lots of monitoring, extra ultrasounds, etc... By a few weeks before the due date the ventricle was back within normal range. Our son is a perfectly healthy 19 mth old with no developmental issues. I have heard it's common in boys that it can actually be a sign of being advanced. Which, our son is in some areas. Hope this eases your mind a bit.
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  • Thanks ladies. It definitely helps there is so much out there. What I also know too is that most women don't have ultrasounds as often as I do so most people wouldn't get every little thing picked out like that. I have also heard it is normal and more common in boys so I am just hoping in a few weeks its back to normal. She did say too that they worry when this happens earlier in pregnancy as opposed to later and im in my 33rd week so I am getting close!
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