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my mother in law texted my husband yesterday saying "call me when you're not around your wife, I have some concerns I want to discuss with you" the first thing I thought was that they were about me, my next thought was that it was about money, he's refused to call her to find out, and it's bothering me, I can't ask her for myself because then she'll know that I saw the text messages but, I'm tired of her being so secretive. Should I make DH call her or should I call her myself?

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  • This maybe MUD, but on the off chance.

    Your dh needs to tell her that he's not keeping things from you (unless it's a present).  It sounds like he's trying to stand his ground by not calling her and that's his way of saying "I'm not dealing with your secrets.".  Let him deal with this and you stay out of it. 

  • Take it from someone who has been forced to live with her mother n law for the past 3 months (hubby is on deployment and I am on bedrest)....let him deal with his mother how he see's fit. Do not put yourself in the middle of it and trust that he has your back and will tell you what's going on. 
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