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Child care conundrum - Advice!

Hi Ladies, Our first little one is due April 3. I work part time at the zoo, but it's a very erratic schedule (always different and sometimes I only know a week or two in advance). I'm not sure what to do about child care. Paying to hold a spot full time when I won't always need it probably isn't financially feasible for us. Do you know of any child care (in-home or centers) that will take infants on a flexible schedule? I also want to cloth diaper, which I know is an issue for many providers. Any advice or suggestions you have are much appreciated!

One more thing...I live in Highlands Ranch and work in Denver, so both areas are potential options. Thanks!

Re: Child care conundrum - Advice!

  • Your best bet may be an in home daycare.  You will probably also need to guarantee a certain number of days per week that you are needing care. I am also in HR area and  have a couple of phone numbers if you want them.
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  • Yes, I would love some contacts!
  • My little one goes to a school downtown Denver called Family Flex that takes infants as young as 10 weeks....the schedule is as flexible as I want it to be, I only pay for the hours she's there, and they take her random days/times as long as space is available which hasn't seemed to be a problem (they do cloth diapers too!) I just call ahead the week before or even the day before depending on when I find out my schedule. It's really great and I feel super comfortable leaving her there when I have to work as the teachers seem very experienced and knowledgable. Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Nels, I'll check it out!
  • We brought our daughter to Adventures in Learning just south of Evans and Colorado as they took cloth diapers. It was a great place and they just opened their new building, 
  • OP, I'm a licensed ChildCare provider (not soliciting my services, just advice!).  I'm an in-home provider and I'll give you some info that may help you to make a decision.

     Many of us in home providers have a "typical" license, allowing for only two under 2 (only one can be under 12 months old).  Therefore, an infant spot is a rather highly coveted position.  I've had families offer to out-pay other families to try to "get ahead" on my wait list.  I've since quit doing a wait list because I don't ever want to deal with that type of situation again.  I've talked to other providers that won't do wait lists for infants, either.  With that being said, it's difficult to say where we'll be in the future, and as frustrating as it is, I ask families to inquire back closer to when they plan to return to work (of course I keep info on file in case I have an opening, but it's rare that I have one for long enough to call-back).  Also, I rarely allow for PT positions as it has quite an impact on the kiddos in my care and the relationship they have to the PT kiddo, but it also has a negative impact on my income.

    I'd be kicked in public for suggesting this, but perhaps an unlicensed provider?   Mind you, you need to see proof that they're CPR certified and have an idea of what is actually required to care for children prior to hiring, but, truth be told, my son's provider before I became licensed was unlicensed and she was fantastic!  Check CL for SAHM's that are looking to provide care to 1 other child for a little extra income. 

     I don't have any experience with licensed centers (other than my BFF's DD attends Red Rocks center and it's amazing) but I've heard that they're less likely to be flexible with your schedule.  There was a place another poster mentioned in Denver that is drop-in that sounds like a great fit for you.

    I just wanted to let you know how it kind of works from an in-home provider's perspective.  Bottom line, set up a gazallion (then ten more) interviews, if you choose licensed check out their license with CDHS and follow your gut whichever path you choose.

    Good luck to you, I wish you a H&H rest of your pregnancy!

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  • What about a nanny? I work as a nanny now and found my current family through With the previous family I worked for they let it be known in their listing that the schedule could vary and I was ok with that. I usually got my schedule about 2 weeks in advance but sometimes they would call as needed. That might be an option...
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