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Expecting twins in March and husband will be deploying after they are born :(

So my husband and I are expecting twins in March. Its also the same month that he is suppose to deploy. While i'm so happy that we were blessed with twins, i'm also not looking forward to the hubs being gone. He has been in the military for a long time but we have only been together for little over a year and married for 9 months. We've been apart for 4 or 5 weeks at a time during our whole relationship but this will be the longest. Anyone have any advice or can share your experiences with me???? I get so emotional when I think about him not being able to spend time with the babies and the rest of us. I know its part of their job....it just sucks :(

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Re: Expecting twins in March and husband will be deploying after they are born :(

  • So sorry to hear he is deploying soon after babies are born. :(

    I know it must be hard.

    My OH is deploying very soon as well and we have a 7 week old. I know the feeling. But you must feel doubly bad since you have twins. :(

    It sucks that they have to miss out on their baby days.

    I hope you have lots of help, family, and friends!

    Just wanted to give you hugs.

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  • MH deployed 4 days after DS2 was born, and will deploy a few months before I have these twins so he should see them for the first time around 4-5 months.  It's hard, but manageable.  I went to live with my parents last time and I'll do it again this time, there is no way I could do it on my own.  I would recommend finding as much help as you can, especially with twins.  If you dont' have family you can stay with, look into getting a night nurse or some other outside help.  

    Not sure of YH's situation, but MH is out of touch about 75% of the time he is deployed.  We were able to skype once or twice last time, and other than that I just took a ton of pictures and videos that he could see when he got home.

    Good luck! 

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  • My Dh deployed soon after we had DS. I would suggest that you move in with (or have someone move in with you) to help you. I choose not to move back home with my parents. I?m glad I did, but it?s hard to have a baby alone. I couldn?t imagine taking care of 2 babies alone 24/7. Take lots of pictures and videos of the babies for your DH. The good news is that babies make deployments fly by super fast!

  • I'm so sorry - I know it will be hard to have him away when your LOs are so tiny.  My best advice is to line up help, whether you move in with family or have someone come live with you.  Two newborns are no small task, and I can't imagine doing it alone.  Figure out a plan sooner than later so you aren't trying to do it last minute.
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  • Line up help.  If moving home isn't an option, find people to come to you.  If that's not an option either, look at your budget to see if you can afford a night nurse.  I can handle anything if I get enough sleep.

    Your only goal (whether your H were to be home or not) is survival.  Your survival, and the babies.  Your job is to keep them alive.  Find someone to help ensure your own survival (by which I mean your sanity - sleep, clean underwear, food, etc.  The basics).

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  • I think I remember seeing one of your posts saying you are here in El Paso. Is that right?


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  • Wow, I never heard of hiring a night nurse. It would be nice, how much would something like that cost? Mostly likely I will be moving home(not to parents house) which will be pretty expensive(Hawai'i). But I won't be happy staying in Texas or anywhere else without my husband.

     I guess I need to get a skype account soon!


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  • Definitely get help. When MH deployed I moved home with my parents and had my inlaws close by. I was working, in school FT and had a 1 year old so it was a lot. I definitely needed the help!
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